Claude Saba
Born in Beirut, Claude was always passionate about the world of
painting. Her evolution into abstract and modern painting allowed
her to refine her skills and to discover new techniques which further
widened the range of her talent.
As a child, Claude received prizes for her innate artistic abilities.
From a very young age she felt art as an emotional escape, where
one can create anything. This led her to enroll at the Michael
Angelo school of Arts after High School.
During different stages of her life, she explored several painting
styles until she discovered her attraction to contemporary art. She
realized that abstract art and mixed media are the perfect
techniques to convey her vision of the real world. In each painting,
she combines drawing and collage, different stroking techniques
where the bold use of contrasting colors expresses the vibrant
essence and atmosphere of her surroundings. In many of her
artworks, Claude translates her own life experiences onto the
canvas, where she displays her passions, pains
and changing states of mind through use of female figures in abstraction.
Recently, Claude ventured into a new style where she experiments
with abstract expressionism. She often relies on improvisation
and spontaneity where the emphasis on energetic gesture reflects
her inner source and visual realities. Claude Saba’s artworks are
permanently displayed at Claude Saba’s Gallery, and they were
exhibited at multiple venues like Arthaus Beirut, Rebirth Beirut,
the Sheikh Zayed Exhibition Hall at the Lebanese American
University, Beirut, at LAU, New York and in Times Square in New
York City.
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